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After payment by the Buyer, the Parties consider a contract of sale by accepting the order for execution, and the essential terms of this agreement are the cost of goods, delivery terms, payment and these conditions accepted by the Buyer at the time of payment.

Prices and availability of goods:

The Seller keeps electronic records of goods on the site https://drydope.com/eng/home and has the right to change the information on the site https://drydope.com/eng/home, description of goods, prices, etc. at any time without additional notice to third parties, Buyers. In this case, after the order and payment of the goods by the Buyer, the Seller has no right to apply changes to such goods for a particular Buyer in relation to the purchased goods.

The consumer has the right to exchange goods of proper quality within fourteen days, not counting the day of purchase. The exchange of goods of proper quality is carried out if it has not been used and if its appearance, consumer properties, seals, labels, as well as the settlement document issued to the consumer together with the sold goods are preserved.

If at the time of exchange of a similar product is not for sale, the consumer has the right to either buy any other products from the available range with the appropriate transfer of value, or terminate the contract and get back the money in the amount of returned goods, or exchange the product for a similar first receipt of the relevant goods for sale. The seller is obliged on the day of receipt of the goods for sale to notify the consumer who requires the exchange of goods (in accordance with Article 9 of the Law "On Consumer Protection".

Return on the territory of Ukraine is possible by sending the goods to the address of the Carrier (Nova Poshta): Kyiv, Postoffice 252. Recipient: FOP Rudenko VI

The Seller reserves the right to refuse to purchase and deliver the goods in case of incomplete information left by the Buyer when filling out the purchase form.

Prices on the website https://drydope.com/eng/home are listed in the national currency of Ukraine.

The cost of delivery is paid by the Buyer separately according to the tariffs of the delivery service.

In the presence of situations that are not defined by the conditions on the site, the parties agree on them separately in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine.

The design of the product and the site https://drydope.com/eng/home, the content of the site https://drydope.com/eng/home are intellectual property owned by the Seller. Any use of these intellectual property without the consent of the Seller is illegal, which entails liability under current legislation of Ukraine.

Delivery and payment

Delivery across Ukraine is carried out by "Nova Poshta".

The seller provides the goods to the carrier (Nova Poshta,) within two working days from the date of receipt of payment.

Delivery time by the carrier (Nova Poshta), as a rule, across Ukraine makes from 1 to 3 working days across Ukraine.

The seller is not responsible for violation of delivery times and / or loss of goods due to the fault of the carrier (Nova Poshta). Claims for violation of the terms of delivery, loss and / or damage to the goods are declared by the Buyer directly to the carrier (Nova Poshta).

Payment for delivery is made by the Buyer separately according to the tariffs of the delivery service.


The buyer pays for the goods with a payment card (VISA or Master Card) online, including the payment of a commission in accordance with the tariffs of the payment system.

The bank is responsible for the storage and protection of payment card data. Payment in non-cash form is considered made at the time of receipt by the Seller of funds in the amount of the price of the goods to the bank account of the Seller.

Refunds in the prescribed cases are made by the Seller to the card from which the payment was received. Money is usually credited within 3 banking days, unless otherwise specified by the recipient's bank.

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